Oru Adaar Love Review: This Love Story Manages To Entertain At Parts!





By Manu


Not many movies have went on to achieve unparalelled popularity even before a year of its release. Oru Adaar Love falls into that league of Malayalam movies and the film, has come out in the theatres now by becoming a Valentine’s Day special release. Has Oru Adaar Love lived up to the hype and expectations? Read Oru Adaar Love review here to know more.

Oru Adaar Love Review: This Love Story Has The Desired Entertainment Value!


The story of Oru Adaar Love revolves around a group of school students. Roshan, Priya and Gadha are the prominent ones among them. Roshan and Priya are in love with each other but some unexpected incidents that happen put their relation in trouble. What happens rest has been narrated in Oru Adaar Love.

Script & Direction

The story of the film is by Omar Lulu himself and the core plot has nothing really fresh or unique to offer. At the core, Oru Adaar Love is a tale about teenage love. But, the story turns out to be an interesting one as the film progresses, especially in the latter half of the movie. The script of the film, penned by Sarang Jayaprakash and Lijo Panadan has the due elements for a youth entertainer in the backdrop of a school campus. The writers do take their time to set their foot into the major turn of events, which results in some dragging sequences in the initial half.

For entertainers like this, the comical sequences are a must and Oru Adaar Love does tick that checkbox. Yes, some of the comedies do fall flat but still majority of them are worth the chuckles. There is no over-dependance in the double meaning dialogues, which paves for some clean humour. While all these works, some of the elements in the film arefound to be too unrealistic. However, Omar Lulu has packaged the film in a neat way. The pace of the film in the first half is a bit of a concern but the director enters the top gear in the second half and the way in which he has handled the proceedings is convincing. In the latter half, we get to see a proper symphony with everything correctly falling into place. However, the haste in some of the portions in the second half does affect the flow of the movie.


All the major cast memebers of the movie are fresh faces. As far as Priya Varrier is concerned, she has done a decent job. Roshan, the young lad, has put up an energetic performance. But, the show-stealer is Noorin Shereef, who has don the role of Gadha. Her performance, especially in the second half of the movie, definitely stands out. Another star performer is Salim Kumar, who impresses with his cameo appearance. The ever dependable Siddique chips in with a smart performance. Hareesh Kanaaran too provides some good moments for laughter.

Other Aspects

The music is indeed the soul of the movie. All the songs set to tune by Shaan Rehman are worth remembering. The BGM, which is romantic, lively and refreshing, suits the film very much. Sinu Sidharth has done a good job with the cinematography. Editing could have been better, especially in the first half of the film where there the flow wasn’t convincing.


The Engaging Second Half

Omar Lulu’s Packaging

Music & BGM By Shaan Rehmaan


The First Half That Lags A Bit

Some Unrealistic Sequences


Oru Adaar Love is not a film that is first of its kind but still does take us to the world of school campus romance effectively. It is not free from flaws but still, Omar Lulu and team have come out successful in keeping the audiences hooked.


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