Girl molested by Facebook friend!


A girl who had went to the birthday
party of a face book friend getting sexually abused and raped by him has sent
shock waves across the country. This event happened in Bangalore in the flat of
that person named Arif in his flat located in HAL area.


The girl who had been studying MBA
is 24 years old and had went to the house of Arif who became her friend through
face book, and in his flat Arif had been living with Aditya who was from Andhra
Pradesh. Arif, Aditya and the girl all had alcohol as part of birthday celebrations
and after tiredness the girl went to sleep and take rest.

When Arif had gone out to buy food,
Aditya had entered the bedroom and raped her. After Arif had arrived, the girl
told what Aditya did, following which the girl gave a police complaint on
Aditya and he was arrested, it must be noted that Arif and the girl know each
other through Facebook for just 2 months.

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