Who will take the Throne in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?


As per
prediction “In 2014, the youth was the undercurrent. People were sick of scams,
it was everywhere. That time the component was not the seasoned voters like me
or my grandfather and it was the youth and they wanted to change the future.
This was capitalized by Narendra Modi as a nationalist movement. The last
election was not about the party but the leader. Similarly, the 2019 election
will also be about the leader”.

Presently Modi
and Trump are always making the headline and they might look the same but the
way they function makes the master difference. Reportedly people who are making
those comments are either middle class or short business class who were saving
taxes. Further the tax component was their earning and now they have lost it.

Gaurav Pradhan predicts as “He is picking data from rural India. How many
families have benefited from the cooking gas and electricity? How many have got
access to toilets and how many kids are going to school now? When he studied
this he is getting a figure of fifty crore and even in forty fifty crore, being
a conservative he divided it by two, it is twenty crore. You know in 2014, the
elections were won by a small margin of 1.4 crore and here you have a larger
swing. So my calculation says 2019 belongs to Modi”.

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