Mahesh's 'Colossal Flop' movie goes to Tamil


Mahesh Babu who is suffering from the failure of ‘SPYder’ gets another shock as his another colossal flop movie is going to Tamil. Mahesh Babu who is keen to set his foot in the Tamil film industry had high hopes on ‘SPYder’. But the movie failed and shattered the dreams of Mahesh Babu.

Now, in this case, his yesteryear flop movie ‘Brahmotsavam’ is going to get a release in Tamil under the name ‘Anirudh’. The movie will be distributed by Badrakali Prasath under Badrakali films banner. ARK Raja Raja who dubbed the movie said, “The movie is about emotions and family bonding and we are hopeful it may gel with Tamil audience.”


It should be noted that the movie was already labeled as a colossal disaster in Telugu. The Hindi version which got dubbed as ‘The Real Tiger 2’ was released on YouTube and that also got some bad reception. Let’s hope this movie doesn’t get more shame to Mahesh Babu after ‘SPYder’ failure.

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