Happy Housewarming Ceremony became a sad incident in Kerala


According to sources a housewarming ceremony with
family and friends, but for this family in Kottapadi in Guruvayur temple town
of Kerala, the occasion turned out to be tragic. Meanwhile a 54 year old
elephant that was in the vicinity trampled two of the guests to death, and
injured 7 others.

Reportedly the elephant, Thechikkottukavu
Ramachandran, a famous but notorious one in Kerala, was brought to
Chembalakulangara temple in Kottapadi. Police reports added Shaiju a
businessman had sponsored the elephant for the temple festival which was also
held on Friday and the elephant was first brought to their house before it was
taken to the police and something alarmed the elephant and it ran amok.

The Sub-Inspector said “It is not clear what upset
the elephant and the crackers was burst by someone in the next compound,
percussion artists were performing too”. Moreover the 54 year old one eyed
tusker is branded the most dangerous captive elephant in Kerala. Apart from his
latest victim, the elephant has killed 11 other people and 3 elephants
including Thiruvambadi Chandrashekharan, another celebrity elephant who used
carry the Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna idol.

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