Aquaman Blu-ray, Digital and DVD dates announced: Extras include SHAZAM preview


The King of Atlantis created more than a splash at the global box office. After initial concerns, Aquaman created a veritable tidal wave as it surged past $1billion and ended up as the biggest DCEU movie of all time. Jason Momoa’s standalone debut is being credited as helping relaunch the troubled Justice League franchise. The new lighter tone is also expected to be reflected in the upcoming Shazam! Fans can enjoy their fill of both movies when Aquaman is available at home in just a few weeks. 

US industry sites are reporting official dates for the Aquaman packages.

As usual, streaming will be available weeks before hard copies, with sites like Movie Anywhere offering the Warner Bros blockbuster from March 5.

Retail sites like Amazon are already announcing that the Blu-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD versions will be available on March 26.

According to Batman News, the packages also include a raft of special bonus features which are listed in full next.


Going Deep Into the World of Aquaman, Becoming Aquaman, James Wan: World Builder, Aqua Tech, Atlantis Warfare.

The Dark Depths of Black Manta, Heroines of Atlantis, Villainous Training, Kingdoms of the Seven Seas.

Creating Undersea Creatures, A Match Made in Atlantis, Scene Study Breakdowns.

But it is the very last one which will have fans excited: Exclusive Sneak Peek of Shazam!

As yet, UK sites have not announced any dates. However, with Shazam hitting cinemas worldwide on April 5, it would be redundant for a UK Aquaman packages to include a special sneak peek for a movie which was already in cinemas.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that, for once, UK fans won’t have to wait any longer than their US counterparts.



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