Avengers Infinity War theory: Doctor Strange used Time Stone for 5000 YEARS to get Endgame


It’s something that’s easily overlooked, but Doctor Strange has already seen Avengers Endgame. During Avengers Infinity War, he uses the Time Stone to view all 14,000,605 possible futures in the fight against Thanos and only one of those is a victory for our heroes. Later in the film, Doctor Strange gave Thanos the Time Stone so Tony Stark would survive – to which the Sorcerer Supreme said, “we’re in the endgame now.” But just how long did it take Doctor Strange to find the one reality in which Avengers Endgame is set?

Well, a popular new fan theory reckons Doctor Strange spent 5000 years looking at all the different possible outcomes of the Infinity War.

Reddit user CleverD3vil argues: “The Time Stone is one of the most powerful Infinity Stones; we see it used in Doctor Strange when Strange decided to defeat Dormammu using it.

“We know that he was in a time loop with Dormammu even though he ha[dn’t] properly used the stone, before he was able to figure out a way. “Now in the movie we only see like 10 – 15 loops but nobody w[ould] give up that quickly.

“When asked, the director [said] that Strange spent [such] a good amount of time in the loop that he learn[ed] a lot about the stone and its power, and we see Strange has improved a lot in Infinity War – [he] was one of the most powerful among others.”

They continued: “Even though he could fight [Ebony] Maw… He fought Thanos very well (if Thanos fought without the Gauntlet then Strange would have easily won the fight).

“[O]n Titan, Strange sits down and actually looks at 14,000,605 alternate future and that looks like he just spent only a minute or two doing it.

“Now we don’t know much about [the] Time Stone and how it works but we know that he would have [had] to look through time as if he [was] watching a movie or he couldn’t have actually experienced it with loops and stuff to save him… either way he would have spent a lot of time [doing it].

“14,000,605 x 3 hours (He would definitely spen[d] more per timeline…maybe months in some.. but like in the movie lets take the 3 hours) = 42001815 hours which is 4795 years, [which] round[s up] to 5000 years.

“In those 5000 years he would have learned a s*** ton of things and this is how he could even put up a fight with Thanos with different kind[s] of powers and specia[lties] without the stone.”



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