9 Review: A Splendid Movie That Takes Malayalam Cinema To New Heights!






Prithviraj has never shied away from trying films that traverse the road-less-taken. With 9, he has come up with yet another film, which is something unique and special for the Malayalam film audiences. Has the new path reaped benefits for the viewers? Read 9 movie review to know more about the same.

9 Review: A Splendid Movie That Takes Malayalam Cinema To New Heights!


The core plot of 9 revolves around a global event spanning nine days, which would leave the Earth devoid of electricity, and all power and communication facilities. Albert is an astrophysicist and is assigned a task, which requires him to travel to the foothills of Himalayas.

Script & Direction

First things first, Jenuse Mohammed should be appreciated for taking up a concept, which is completely new to the Malayalam cinema. A concept that involves science-fiction, horror, psychological and emotional elements. More importantly, such themes are too risky to handle since they might be exposed to the unwritten laws of logic. Nevertheless, the plot of 9, which has a whole lot of fictional elements, looks convincing and believable.

Due credits must be given to the filmmaker in Jenuse Mohammed for achieving this. He stays true to the script and never tries to do something over-the-top. The pace of the film is on the slower side in the first half, but the movie’s mood deserves such an approach so as to build the tempo. The film shifts to another gear in the second half where we are taken to completely astonishing sights and concepts. The script packs a punch out here with proceedings that keep the audiences intrigued. There are a few stuff, which might be unbelievable but the theme of the film has the freedom of taking such inputs.

More importantly, it is also interesting to see the way in which the horror elements have been embedded. Here, it is purely based on the situations and the concept, unlike the usual horror films that we are used to.


Prithviraj comes up with a solid performance as Albert and he anchors the film with his intense portrayal of the character. He maintains the tempo throughout the film. Next in line is Master Alok, who has done a fine job in the role, which is indeed a demanding one. Wamiqa Gabbi proves her talent yet again and this time in a role, which is completely different from her debut Godha. Mamta Mohandas has done her part pretty well. Prakash Raj too looks perfect for the role.

Other Aspects

Abhinandan Ramanujam’s frames are brilliant and impart mood as well as the tone of the film. Shaan Rahman’s songs are good. The BGM by Shekar Menon is superb. He has tried something really different out here. The editing is precise While the CG work is decent. Costumes too deserve special praise.


Prithviraj’s Brilliant Performance

Jenuse Mohammed ‘s Direction

The Mix of Horror, Sci-fi Elements

The Convincing Concept

Cinematography, BGM & Other Technical Aspects


The Slow Pace In The First Half Might Be A Problem To Few


9 is a film that needs to be watched in the theatres. With a fantastic concept and an equally good execution, 9 does take Mollywood to another level.