Chinmayi Says That Some Men Take Photos Of Her Chest And Waist When She Wears A Sari




oi-Roktim Rajpal


The much-loved Chinmayi is one of the most popular and talented artistes in the Tamil film industry today. The singer- dubbing artiste enjoys a strong fan following thanks to her melodious voice, bold nature and strong rapport with fans. She has also spoken against harassment at the the workplace and the blatant objectification of women and proved that she is a fearless person. Now, she is in the limelight fore a shocking and unexpected reason.

As it so happens, a fan recently asked Chinmayi to wear a sari and become an inspiration for countless young girls.


“@Chinmayi – you sing really well ; bold, beautiful, supremely confident & therefore a role model. But how nice it would be if only you present all these characteristics clad in a saree or any Indian dress. Young girls should associate positive, good characteristics w/ indianness,” tweeted the fan./

Replying to the tweet, the singer opened up about the harassment faced by her on the social media and exposed the mentality of certain men. She also said that how she dresses does not determine her ‘indianness’.

“When I wear a sari there are groups of men who take photographs of my waist + side of my chest, circle it and upload it on soft p*rn websites. And then I get messages on how they are mas******ing to it. I can be Indian in a sari and in jeans, Sir,” she replied.

This is quite a bold statement it might ruffle few feathers. We sincerely hope that such harassment and blatant objectification of women stops at the earliest.


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