Haifa Wehbe Dyes Her Hair Pink and Responds to Shaima Saif's 10 Years Challenge


Haifa Wehbe shocked fans when she suddenly dyed her hair pink (Source: haifawehbe – Instagram)

Haifa Wehbe shocked fans when she suddenly dyed her hair pink, sparking mixed reactions. She also responded to Egyptian comedian Shaima Seif, who flirted with her through a story on Instagram.

“Always see the pink side of life,” Haifa Wehbe captioned her picture with the new hair color. Many of her followers expressed their admiration for her hair color bold choice, asserting that it suited her, while some attacked her. Kylie Jenner, and Maya Diab have previously adopted that look.

Fans of the Lebanese star confirmed that she has the right to choose the look that appeals to her, and is likely to have adopted the new hair color because it paves the way for a new project.

On the other hand, Haifa Wehbe responded to the picture published by Shaima Saif for the 10-year challenge, in which she confirmed that she aspires to become the Lebanese star, who replied with a comment: “I love you so much .. You are one of the most beautiful people and a source of joy and beauty inside out “

The 10 Years Challenge has recently spread on social media. The idea is to publish two photos of the same person with a time interval of one decade, to compare how their features have changed over the years.


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