Indian Origin Cop's Brother met Donald Trump


Washington sources reported that Reggie Singh,
the brother of Indian origin policeman Ronil “Ron” Singh killed in
California and described a national hero by Donald Trump, has said he supported
the US president’s efforts on border security so that others do not experience
what his family has been going through since the incident. Accordingly Corporal
Ronil Singh, 33, of the Newman Police Department was shot and killed during a
traffic stop on December 26 allegedly by an illegal immigrant.

Meanwhile during a visit to the southern border
state Texas on Thursday to push for his controversial US Mexico border wall
plan, Trump attended a border patrol roundtable at McAllen, where Reggie Singh
was seated next to the president. Furthermore US president said, “He
watched a family right around Christmas time suffer and he would like to ask
Reggie, maybe you could say a few words about your incredible brother, the job
he was doing and beyond the department.”

Moreover in the last few days, Trump has made it a
point to mention the killing of Ronil Singh by an illegal immigrant to build a
strong case in favor of a stronger border security to prevent entry of illegal

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