#F2 Review – Less Fun and More Frustration


Victory Venkatesh and Varun Tej have joined hands for the first time after their respective flop movies, with hattrick director Anil Ravipudi for F2 Fun and Frustration that also stars Tamannaah and Mehreen Pirzada. Here’s team AP Herald’s exclusive first on net F2 Fun and Frustration first report.

Harika (Tamannaah) and Honey (Mehreen) are dominating characters. Haarika gets married to Venky (Venkatesh) and Honey gets committed to Varun (Varun Tej). Venky and Varun are controlled by their partners and the men are dominated by their partners totally and the men plan a Europe trip, but as a twist, their wives also come and situations lead the couples to stay in Prakashraj house. Why they stay at Prakashraj place and whether the couples understand each other and live happily together is what F2 Fun and Frustration is all about.

#F2 Review - Less Fun and More Frustration

Venky and Varun make the theatre laugh out loud with their comic antics and body language while Tamannaah and Mehreen appeal to the audience with their glam quotient oozing oomph. Anil Ravipudi has relied on slapstick comedy and generates laughs but despite effective comedy, his screenplay doesn’t engage and drags mostly with poor song placement and stretched episodes which mar the impact. All said, F2 Fun and Frustration is an average Outing with its fair share of fun as well as frustration.

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