F2 Fun and Frustration Movie Review, Rating


11:50am: Venkatesh –  Tamannaah , Varun – Meereen  both pairs doesn’t look good and no chemistry. Fun and Frustration (F2) Telugu Movie Review, Rating so far looking like a TV Serial rather a feature film. Lowest budget – Nonsense locations – way too many close up shots …. almost all the movie is happening within home environment  …  Perfect definition of a television serial . Reducing the value / standard of Star heroes such as Victory Venkatesh, Varun Tej.

11:50am:Fun and Frustration (F2) is by far made mockery of family system … victory Venkatesh making audience laugh taking all nonsense and no story plot watchable .

11:40am:Priya Darshi entry on to the screen is good.  The visuals of Fun and Frustration (F2) Telugu Movie Review, Rating are not up to a star hero.  Just few house and colleges are utilised making these screen look like low budget file so far .

11:35am:arun Teja entry as the Telangana  Teenager from the mass basthi is near and entertaining

11:30am:Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad entry just enhanced the family drama

11:25am:Victory Venkatesh is fit, leane, costumes are apt and it is certainly treat to watch him on screen.

11:15am:Fun and Frustration presents second heroine right on face .

11:05am:Tamanna looks alright on screen but it seems the days are numbered in Tollywood for this milky beauty as heroine .

11:00am:Fun and Frustration (F2) Telugu Movie Review, Rating presents the best part of Victory Venkatesh – Comic side and Cenkatesg has been bright on screen …

3 /

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