With which party PM makes alliance in Tamilnadu?


According to sources Prime Minister Narendra Modi
has given a detailed answer to the question of whether the BJP and the alliance
are formed by the AIADMK, DMK and Rajini in Tamilnadu. Prime Minister Modi
yesterday discussed video conferencing with the executives of Dharmapuri,
Cuddalore, Erode, Krishnagiri, Arakonam block. 

Furthermore in addition, the Prime Minister, who
responded to the question of forming a coalition with the BJP in Tamilnadu, has
open doors in Tamilnadu. For old friends and parties, the doors of the BJP
are always open. Meanwhile the BJP will act in the way of Vajpayee in
coalition affairs. Reportedly in the middle of the BJP, despite the majority,
the BJP will rule in a coalition and the BJP is ready to welcome old friends.

Moreover he continued “Everyone thinks that
the absence of economic management and corruption is the biggest defeat of the
Congress. Further for many years, the Defense Department was the hub of
the Brooks Kang. Even the middleman Michele knows when the cabinet meeting will
take place and even if the state document is aware of the details, if Rafael’s
contract was delayed by 10 years, he had no contribution to the security of the

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