Severe cold wave for Telangana beginning from January 10


Hyderabad sources reported that the next five days
will see severe cold conditions prevailing across all districts of
Telangana.  Reportedly the weather department has issued a yellow warning
signifying ‘severe cold wave’ for the state, beginning from January 10. 

Furthermore the city woke up to temperatures as low
as 10.9 degrees Celsius on Wednesday morning; the coldest places in the state,
Adilabad and Medak districts, recorded 7 degrees C. Accordingly Hanmakonda and
Ramagundam districts experienced temperatures three degrees below normal. Perhaps
winds blowing from the north easterly direction are cold and dry, bringing cold
weather to the state.

Moreover a severe cold wave warning has been announced with night
temperatures expected to drop five or more degrees below normal.  Reports added
for instance, the normal for Hyderabad for the month of December is 14 degrees
C and if minimum temperature drops by 5 degrees, the weather condition is categorized
as severe cold wave.  

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