Namgoong Min signs on for first medical drama in KBS’ Doctor Prisoner


Namgoong Min signs on for first medical drama in KBS’ Doctor Prisoner

We’ve been waiting months for confirmation, and now we finally have it. Actor Namgoong Min (Handsome Guy and Jung-eum, Falsify) has accepted the lead role in his first-ever medical suspense drama, the upcoming KBS drama Doctor Prisoner.

The drama is centered around Namgoong Min’s character, Na Yi-gae, who is a genius doctor. He’s one of the best doctors at his hospital and an ace in the emergency ward. He’s not just highly competent, he’s also committed to putting his patients first, and compassionate as well. However, Na Yi-gae somehow becomes involved in a malpractice incident and subsequently ousted from the hospital. Starting his life over again, he begins working at a prison facility as Chief of Medical Care, but fate seems determined to keep his life in turmoil.

PD Hwang In-hyuk will be directing Doctor Prisoner; his most recent project was Laurel Tree Tailors. Writing will be done by Park Kye-ok.

I still generally prefer lighter dramas, but the pull of Namgoong Min is pretty strong. I’ve liked him since the early days of his career when he played a lot of second leads (which resulted in serious, chronic second lead syndrome). However, it’s great to see him now firmly established in lead territory. Will have to add this one to the never-ending watchlist as well!

Doctor Prisoner is currently set to premiere later this year in March 2019.

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