Irumudi in Melmaruvathur an auspicious festival


Adi Parasakthi the
Goddess, Devi is the Supreme Being. She is also popularly referred to
as “Adi Shakti”, “Parama Shakti”, “Maha Shakti”,
“Mahadevi”, or even simply as “Shakti”. “Parama”
means absolute, “Satya” means the Truth as per many
shakta texts and Adi Parashakti is the original creator, observer and
destroyer of the whole universe.


Adi Parasakthi is the only, eternal
truth. The whole universe is her creation. She is the only victor and the
manifestation of victory itself. She is a manifested (Lord Brahma),
unmanifested (Lord Vishnu) and transcendent (Lord Shiva) divinity.
She then displayed her scarcely seen form to him: Satyaloka was
located in her forehead, and the created universe were her hairs; the sun
and moon were her eyes; in her ears were the four directions,
the Vedas were her words; death, affection and emotion were her
teeth; Maya was manifested by her smile.


Adi Parashakti means “The
Eternally Limitless Power”. That is, she is the power beyond this
universe. She is the active energy that both creates and dissolves the entire

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