Air pollution in bad condition in Hyderabad


Hyderabad sources reported that pollution saw a
major increase in the city with particulate matter 2.5 levels recording 94
ug/m3 in the city areas. Meanwhile the real time monitoring stations have shown
a bad quality of air from afternoon to evening. Reportedly the instantaneous
recording showed the levels peak from 81 ug/m3 to 115 ug/m3 till late

Reportedly the bad quality of air is being attributed to heavy vehicular
pollution along with the burning of firewood to beat the cold weather at night.
Hence there have also been complaints to the pollution control board of burning
of garbage at various places which they state is also one of the reasons for
the bad quality of air. Furthermore with the temperatures falling at
night, the dispersal of particulate matter in the air is not fast and most of
the matter is static at one place in the air.

Moreover the officials state that the vehicles have
been kept at locations like Sanath Nagar, Zoo Park, cross junctions connecting
to highways to understand the quality of air. Perhaps the industrial zones are
also covered and those levels help them to intervene with the industry and the
present high levels, state officials are mainly due to the movement of

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