You won’t BELIEVE which film has topped Home Alone as highest-grossing Christmas movie


Macaulay Culkin’s Home Alone was the high-grossing Christmas movie of all time with a worldwide record of $476 million. That was until the Christmas that has just passed, which saw one festive movie make over $500 million. Ironically, that prize goes to The Grinch. No, not the Jim Carrey version from almost 20 years ago, but the animated remake starring Benedict Cumberbatch. According to Variety, the film only cost Illumination and Universal $75 million to make, so it’s certainly a healthy profit.

Upon realising he’s Home Alone once again, Culkin needs help from Google Assistant as he goes through a series of tasks throughout the house.

In the hilarious montage the actor shaves bounces on his parents’ bed and watches the black-and-white film within a film from the original movie, Angels With Filthy Souls.

Ordering a pizza, he gets the gangster in the movie to say, “Keep the change ya filthy animal”, to the delivery boy once again.

Culkin then begins preparing the house to look occupied so the Wet Bandits are kept at bay once again.


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