Just Money and Tamanna AGREES for 'EVERYTHING'…


In 2010, Tamanna signed the dotted line for a project which was a leading actor’s 50th movie. The movie was one of the biggest flops of the decade and if you find worst movie across the World, this movie will definitely find a spot there.

Tamanna herself in an interview said she accepted the movie without reading the script and she did it just for the hero and the remuneration. After that, she never even agreed to act with that hero. But recently she did the same mistake by acting in another terrible movie with a terrible hero who never even comes to the shooting regularly. When Trisha herself rejected and returned the advance, she should have thought again!

Just Money and Tamanna AGREES for

Now, again Tamanna is doing a mistake as she has agreed to a movie with a debut director and a hero who is just known to show his movie heroines in a sleazy manner. Tamanna has agreed as she is getting a fat paycheck. This movie will go on floors by Feb 2019. Once again, Tamanna has agreed after the movie is rejected and turned down by several actresses. 

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