Is 10% reservation to economically backward a test in Rajya Sabha?


New Delhi sources added the “Constitution Bill, 2019” was presented in the Rajya Sabha yesterday by Union minister Thawar Chand Gehlot and voting was held yesterday evening. Meanwhile in the Lok Sabha yesterday, the bill had the support of 323 lawmakers, only three lawmakers voted against it.Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed hope that the bill get similar support in the Rajya Sabha. 

Furthermore at a rally in Maharashtra’s Solapur yesterday, he said, “The sense of injustice should end. We wanted equality of opportunity”. Reportedly the bill, however, exposed rifts within the opposition, which is trying to project a united front to take on the BJP in the national elections late this year. Perhaps Congress, which supported the idea of a joint committee, initially adopted a “wait and watch” policy. 

Moreover the bill is expected to benefit a huge section of upper castes including Brahmins, Rajputs (Thakurs), Jats, Marathas, Bhumihars, and several traders belonging to the Kapu and Kamma communities. Hence the economically deprived among the other religions will also benefit.

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