Reach of Sincerity to pull off last-minute casting switcheroo


Reach of Sincerity to pull off last-minute casting switcheroo

Shin Dong-wook, Kim Sa-kwon

The set of Reach of Sincerity was recently rocked with scandal, but has emerged relatively unscathed. Actor Shin Dong-wook (Live), who was supposed to play Lee Dong-wook’s (Life) bestie in the rom-com, has been accused of a filial impiety scandal.

His grandfather claimed that Shin Dong-wook, his father, and his uncle all conspired together to cheat him. The grandfather says he gave them their inheritances early on the promise that they would take care of him in his old age, but Shin Dong-wook reneged on that promise and kicked him out of the house. In light of this new controversy, after discussion with the Reach of Sincerity team, Shin Dong-wook has decided he would back out of the drama. However, he will still continue to film the currently-airing Dae Jang-geum is Watching until its completion.

Because Shin Dong-wook hadn’t filmed many scenes yet for Reach of Sincerity, the production team reassured us that its planned broadcast schedule had not changed. Currently, it looks like they are in negotiations with Kim Sa-kwon (Greasy Melo) to replace Shin Dong-wook in the role of “perfect” prosecutor and Lee Dong-wook bestie.

In happier news, the first stills of Lee Dong-wook and Yoo Inna have been released, and they look more gorgeous than ever as a successful lawyer who has earned a reputation for trustworthiness and a glamorous celebrity. He’ll be the perfectionist boss of Yoo Inna (The Lonely Shining Goblin), who plays a Hallyu top star that goes undercover to work at his law firm.

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Reach of Sincerity begins airing on February 6.

Via Newsen, Xports News, JoyNews, Newsen



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