Petta VS Viswasam Box Office War: Which Film Would Score Higher On Its First Weekend?






The big battle at the box office is all set to begin with Petta and Viswasam all set to take over the big screens. This Pongal season is sure to be a grand one for the Tamil film industry as two of the much awaited Tamil movies of the recent times are having a face-off at the box office. In fact, it would be an interesting clash at the box office with both the movies going in for a neck-head race. Meanwhile, these two films have a long weekend ahead and here is an analysis on which movie might score higher on its first weekend.

Petta VS Viswasam

It would definitely be a tight race at the box office with both the movies making a wide release in the theatres across the globe. Since two big movies are clashing at the box office they may not set new box office records but a grand opening weekend is assured for both the films.

In Tamil Nadu

It is a fact that Petta is releasing in a larger number of theatres in Tamil Nadu. But still, Viswasam is not far behind with the movie bagging somewhat equal number of screens and that too with additional shows.

The Initial Trend

At the same time, the initial trends suggest that Viswasam might get a slight upper hand in Tamil Nadu regions, especially in the B & C centres. Being a rural entertainer, the movie can be the first choice for the audiences. Meanwhile, Petta is leading the race in city centres. However, the advance booking for both the movies for the first weekend are equally big.

In Other Regions

However, it is Petta that is leading the race by miles in other regions like Kerala, Karnataka, Telugu and North Indian regions. The film is getting a big release and Petta is expected to score higher than Viswasam in all these regions.

Who Will Win The Weekend Race?

Well, as mentioned above, it is going to be a neck-head race on the first weekend. While Viswasam might overtake Petta in some regions in Tamil Nadu, Petta is sure to have the upper hand in the regions outside Tamil Nadu, which is equally big. So, both the movies are expected to collect somewhat the same in the first weekend.