Junho confirmed for new tvN drama Confession


Junho confirmed for new tvN drama Confession

2PM’s Junho (Greasy Melo) has recently announced his drama comeback through tvN’s upcoming Confession. This drama is a legal thriller about a lawyer who pursues the dirty truth, hidden and protected behind the laws prohibiting double jeopardy.

Junho plays the main character, who has a tragic backstory. He’s a character who looks like he’s weak, but inside he’s actually very strong of heart and serious of mind. He was born with a congenitally defective heart, and spent most of his childhood in hospitals.

By some miracle, a heart donor appears, and he gets a second chance at life. However, soon after the surgery, his father is accused of murder and put on death row. He begins his career in law to re-investigate his father’s case.

What’s really gotten me excited is the director, Kim Chul-gyu (Chicago Typewriter), who produced the critically acclaimed Mother from last year. It was a hit drama that won Best Drama at the 54th Baeksang Awards, Best Miniseries at the Seoul Drama Awards, and it was even nominated for Best Series at the Cannes International Festival.

Confession is slated to be broadcast on tvN starting March 2019.

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