Amal Arafa First Syrian Actress to Act in Hollywood


(Source: amal_arafa – Instagram)

German producer Christian Bushkin chose Syrian actress Amal Arafa to take a role in the film “Tears on the Sand”.

This marks Amal Arafa’s first role in Hollywood and according to a statement from the producer to one of the regional magazines he said the reason behind choosing Amal is because she is originally from Aleppo, and her acting skills. Bushkin added that he saw lots of clips for the Syrian actress and read a lot about her before choosing her.


The film Amal is taking part in is an Action/Thriller one and it tackles the topic of war without mentioning the Syrian crisis specifically and with lots of emphasis on the human side and the refugee situation in general while focusing that they run away from death in their country’s war yet they root for going back as they did not leave voluntarily. In addition to that, the film highlights the importance of living in harmony between humans, regardless of their differences and beliefs.

Amal Arafa is the first Syrian actress to take par in a Hollywood film and she won’t sing in the film, yet the film will have a soundtrack.


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