Lee Yi-kyung to return for second season of Woohoo Waikiki


Lee Yi-kyung to return for second season of Woohoo Waikiki

Lee Yi-kyung (Red Moon, Blue Sun) has confirmed he will reprise his role as Lee Joon-ki in the second season of Woohoo Waikiki. The second season will pick off from where season 1 ended, when we saw a lovable trio of young men work to rescue a guesthouse from financial ruin and closure and grow close to a mysterious young single mother.

Lee has been earning plaudits for his dramatic turn as a detective in the currently airing MBC thriller Red Moon, Blue Sun. While he’s been captivating as a serious detective hunting for answers, Lee’s also great in comedic roles so it will be nice to see him stretch his comedic chops once again. It’s not yet been confirmed if Lee’s costars, Kim Jung-hyun (Time), Jung In-sun (My Secret Terrius), and Sohn Seung-won (Woohoo Waikiki) will be joining him for season 2.

It seems unlikely that Sohn Seung-won will be returning, considering that he was arrested in Korea on the 7th for an offense that occurred January 4 — a hit and run that he committed while driving drunk (no one was injured in the accident). Worse yet, his driver’s license had already been suspended because after being causing an accident in Seoul while driving drunk on December 26, 2018. Despite only being 28, he has three prior drunk driving offenses. Though Sohn initially claimed he had not been behind the wheel, reports in Korea have confirmed that a police investigation revealed that Sohn had indeed been driving but asked his passenger to take the blame. Let’s hope Sohn Seung-won can get the help he needs.

Via Seoul Kyungje, Daily Kyungje



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