The Hot-Blooded Priest fights his way through a sinful city in SBS comedy


The Hot-Blooded Priest fights his way through a sinful city in SBS comedy

Well, this is certainly a new kind of priest in dramaland. SBS’s upcoming dramedy Hot-Blooded Priest has recently released a teaser showing our three leads Kim Nam-gil (Live Up to Your Name), Kim Sung-kyun (Untouchable), and Honey Lee (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People), and it looks like we’re in for an irreverently fun ride.

First up, we have our titular priest Kim Nam-gil, and to call him “hot-blooded” sounds like an understatement to me. In the teaser, we see him stop in the middle of a sermon to yell obscenities at a member of his congregation for eating during Mass. And I certainly don’t know what business a priest has in beating up people, but that’s exactly what he goes around doing, while saying offscreen that his “job prioritizes judgment and punishment.” The teaser itself says he has an anger management disorder, and coupled with his distinctly un-priest-like fighting skills, he goes out to “destroy” the sins of his city.

Next, we have Kim Sung-kyun’s blustering but ultimately cowardly detective. He bursts into a gangster’s den, only to fake a stomach ache out of the situation, though his ruse obviously doesn’t work as we see him butt-naked on the street, with the gangsters only leaving him with his police sash. I love Kim Sung-kyun when he does comedy, so I definitely think I’m going to enjoy his turn as the “idiot” cop. It’ll be interesting to see how the detective and the priest will get on as they team up to solve the murder of another priest, especially since their first meeting doesn’t seem to go so great, with Kim Sung-kyun tasering Kim Nam-gil.

And last, but certainly not least, is Honey Lee’s prosecutor character, who might end up either friend or foe to our unlikely duo. It’s not really clear from the teaser which side she’ll fall on, as the teaser’s chyron labels her as a bad egg prosecutor who gets in our duo’s way, while also showing her as a bit of a fraidy cat who flinches hard when the priest merely lifts his arm to put back some soju on the shelves. I also love that she has a bit of a potty mouth, who swears that “the next time that priest or whatever shows up in front of me… (beeeeeeep).” Lol.

SBS’s Hot-Blooded Priest is set to premiere sometime in February.

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