Open Thread #585


OT week 99! Knocking on that door to 100 weeks on the OT! How was your week? So, I need some advice. Going to be going to LA next week—those of you who know me, I need some great (not just good) foodie recs for Asian food there (Korean, Viet, Thai, Indian, Chinese/dim sum–it’s all fair game)! LA Beanies, it’s time for you to shine! Kids are still out of school, so we’ve been spending a lot of family time, playing the games they got for Christmas. Monopoly Cheater’s Edition, Unstable Unicorns, and laser tag have all been huge hits this break. Plane trip and I’m going to be downloading some Kdrama content. Thinking about finally starting My Ahjusshi! Anyone with me? And there’s still Dae Guem and Top Star that I’d like to binge. Any votes on what I should watch first?

On the dramafront, Memories of Alhambra continues to entertain. I was totally not expecting the zombie apocalypse which I think was a good thing, and totally not expecting Secretary’s Seo’s demise either. Although, my husband kept telling me he was going to die the second he was given that pistol. Hyun Bin also continues to impress me, which, again, I was not expecting. So, all in all, a drama that exceeds my expectations. I’d like to see how the OTP builds their relationship though. It’s just treading on thin ice right now, and I’m like a lot of people and don’t really subscribe to it yet.

But I’m all in with the OTP in Encounter/Boyfriend. Man, they just turned it up several degrees in episode 10. Like, it was a warm cup of hot chocolate before, and now it’s a boiling pot of expresso. It’s still a beautiful show, and the camera work is exceptional, the lighting director is a genius in my opinion. And @kdramaswimmer would appreciate the end of episode 10. I hope she’s seen it. I was distracted by the overuse of a certain photography effect, but it’s a small thing. Less is more in this show, and I would have preferred less of this effect. My heart is so calm when I watch this. I hope it doesn’t go too makjang, I’m just not in the mood right now.

My daughter continues to re-watch Love O2O. That is all.


Me: What do you plan to do in LA?

Hubby: Find a 20-something-year-old who needs a sugar-daddy.

Me: I don’t know why you’re dragging your feet about going to Korea, they’re a dime a dozen there. You just need to park yourself in front of an entertainment agency. They’d all be like….*looking for the word—I’m old* “Oh, AHJUSSSHI!”

Hubby: Don’t you mean, “OPPPAAA?” *as he accosts me with all this aeygo and a cheesy hug—Am I in a kdrama right now?*

Me: Oh, no, that’s horrible! You’d definitely be an Ahjusshi. *giggling uncontrollably*

Hubby: “Oppa! Oppa! Oppa!”

Me: STAAAAAHPPPP! If Gong Yoo is an Ahjusshi at 37, you are definitely one at 41! *runs away from more aeygo and hugs*

Moral of the Story: This is what marriage looks like, peeps. Find a…


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