Kim Dong-wook cast in new MBC social satire drama


Kim Dong-wook cast in new MBC social satire drama

A new drama is in the works for MBC, called Special Labor Supervisor Jo, and actor Kim Dong-wook (The Guest, Radiant Office) has been confirmed for the leading role.

Kim Dong-wook will play the main character, Jo Jin-gab. Although he appears to be indifferent to the world, he is actually a pure-hearted, hard-working, and honest person. At times hot-tempered and meddlesome, he is also motivated by a strong sense of justice which helps him to stand strong against his opponents.

He had once been a promising judo athlete in the past, but was forced to quit after trying to file a complaint against a fixed match. He then attempted to become a judo trainer, but it didn’t last as he was unable to control his quick temper. Deciding to turn his life around, he then studied hard and made it all the way to a level 9 civil servant. His goal had simply been to obtain a full-time and secured government position. However, after he is assigned as supervisor to the Ministry of Employment and Labor, everything changes.

The director is PD Park Won-gook (Ruler–Master of the Mask), but it’s the writer that has my attention — Kim Ban-di, the writer for Angry Mom.

Like Angry Mom, Special Labor Supervisor Jo will also be examining current social issues in South Korea. While the former was about corruption within the educational sphere, the latter will be using a satirical lens to look at the various personalities and elitism that Kim Dong-wook’s character encounters through his work as a civil servant.

I’m pretty excited because I really enjoyed the story that was told in Angry Mom. There is a teeny bit of fear at the possibility of disappointment since the PD doesn’t have many works under his belt so far, but I’m going to choose to see the glass half full. Fingers and toes crossed!

Special Labor Supervisor Jo is currently being planned to air Mondays and Tuesdays on MBC in the upcoming spring of 2019.

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