Romance Is a Bonus Book teases with ASMR clip


Romance Is a Bonus Book teases with ASMR clip

A new teaser clip has been released for upcoming tvN rom-com, Romance Is a Bonus Book. Noona-killer Lee Jong-seok (While You Were Sleeping) stars as “a Korean idol of the cultural arts,” a prodigy and genius writer who becomes the youngest ever editor-in-chief of his publishing company.

Lee Jong-seok’s character has been on the star track ever since his student days. Although he’s cold and precise when it comes to work, he’s warm when it comes to his personal relationships, with extremely good looks to boot! Opposite Lee Jong-seok, Lee Na-young (Runaway Plan B) plays a washed-up ajhumma, who was once also a rising star in the copywriting community.

Having won prestigious writing contests during her university days, Lee Na-young’s true resume shows her to be overqualified for many entry-level positions, and she’s unable to find a job. At the end of her rope, she decides to pretend she’s a high school dropout to get at least a temp job at Lee Jong-seok’s company.

To be honest, the plot was kinda meh for me, but I absolutely love books and the new ASMR-style teaser has got me hyped for this drama. It shows each step of the handmade book-binding process, which is somehow extremely mesmerizing. On a fresh page, text reads “There was a special incident that day. And a very special person was met,” and subsequently Lee Jong-seok narrates, “That was the way our new chapter began.”

Directed by Life on Mars and Good Wife’s Lee Jung-hyo, tvN Saturday-Sunday drama Romance Is a Bonus Book will begin airing on January 26.

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