Film and TV in 2019: What Will China Be Watching?


It’s been a dramatic year for the Chinese entertainment industry. Looking back, notable milestones include the unexpected Spring Festival box office boom, the “small budget + good actor” production model (as demonstrated by Dying to Survive and A Cool Fish) proving its worth against the previously dominant “big IP + traffic-attracting stars” model, and, on the negative side, the “capital winter” that has fallen over the industry following Fan Bingbing’s “Yin-Yang Contract” scandal and the authorities’ subsequent deep-dive investigation into tax evasion throughout the Chinese film industry.

So — 2018 was a big one, but what films and TV shows can we expect to watch in the coming year?

Expect a Spring Festival Box Office Boom

For one thing, we can expect another heated box office brawl in February, as a number of big-budget films aim for the coveted #1 Spring Festival spot. As of this writing, there are at least 13 major films scheduled to hit theaters on February 5, the first day of the coming Year of the Pig. Read the full story on RADII.


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