Spider-Man 2 Far From Home trailer release date and RUN-TIME revealed – Fans will be happy


This is shaping up to be the biggest week ever for Marvel trailers.

Captain Marvel already released the second full-length trailer and the Avengers 4 first trailer is widely to expected to drop tomorrow morning.

This could be immediately followed by the first official look at the Spider-Man Homecoming sequel.

Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the villain Mysterio, has been ramping up excitement with a cheeky video post and now the full running time has been revealed without any of the usual shady shenanigans from loose-lipped star Holland himself.

Trailer Track website has posted the full details for the first Spider-Man 2 trailer after its official ratification by the Canadian board of the British Colombia Consumer Protection.

It’s unlikely there will be many international variations for the first official trailer.

The good news for fans is this will definitely not be a teaser trailer. In fact, the running time is at the longer end of major first trailers.

The new classification lists the trailer length as an impressive two minutes and 30 seconds.

This immediately raises concerns again that the Spider-Man footage could contain spoilers for Avengers 4.

After all, Spidey was last seen crumbling to dust in Tony Stark’s arms on Titan.

Will the trailer address how he is suddenly alive and well and on holiday in Europe with his schoolmates?

Fans have already been given first glimpses of what to expect at a huge industry event in Brazil.

Comic Con Experience (CCXP) is currently taking place in Sao Paulo.

Industry leaks suggest the Spider-Man Far From Home first trailer will debut there on Saturday during the main presentation.

Unfortunately, fans are unlikely to get any clues about the Infinity War sequel storyline, or how Peter Parker and others may have returned from the Snap.

Advance materials and costumes on display have apparently aready been cleaned of any logos or hints that relate to Spider-Man’s involvement in Avengers 4. Spider-Man 2 will be released two months after Avengers 4 so all its marketing can be expected to be A4 spoiler-free until then.


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