Vijay's Sarkar Sparks The Search About Section 49P; Here's What It Means!


Sarkar, starring Thalapathy Vijay in the lead role, is indeed the movie of the moment. The film, which graced the big screens on the Deepavali day, has opened to mixed reviews but still, the movie had garnered the interest of the audiences. Apart from being an entertainer, the Vijay starrer, directed by AR Murugadoss, has also send out some important messages to the viewers.

The section 49P, which is an important election law in India, is being discussed with due importance in the movie Sarkar. In fact, the information regarding the same has been sent out in one of the crucial sequences of the movie, which forms the base for the film. This partcular law allows a citizen of the country gives the righ to a person to get the ballot back and vote, if someone else has voted on his/her name.

Upon Sarkar’s release, there has been an increase in the google search for Section 49P and the people are indeed eager to know more about the law, much like in the movie. SUN Pictures, the production house of the movie, recently took to their Twitter account to send out a screenshot of the google search volume on the Section 49P. From the analytics, it is quite evident that a large number of people are indeed searching for Section 49P on the internet. Take a look at the tweet here.


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