LEAKED! Jordanian Actress Mais Hamdan Makes a Statement About Her Leather BRA Pictures


The controversial pictures were found to be taken at a Halloween costume party that Mais Hamdan was invited to (Source: studio alfan – Instagarm)

Social media platforms lit up with shocking pictures of Jordanian actress Mais Hamdan that are rumored to have been taken during her birthday celebration, which have led the starlet to clarify things through her social media platforms. 

Hamdan tweeted that her social media platforms were invaded two days ago, which could explain why she did not comment on the highly shared controversial pictures up until now.

The actress and singer tweeted “Declaration… Today morning at 11:30 approximately Cairo time my Facebook account and page was invaded… I request you do not interact with anything published on them until I make any announcements through my twitter or Instagram account… Thank you”

Many saw that Mais’s tweet was as a way to wash her hands off posting the controversial pictures and an attempt to accuse other people of posting them without her knowledge, while other commentators saw that it is a failed attempt to run away from commenting on the pictures that surfaced around the same time the Jordanian singer was celebrating her birthday.

The pictures, however can’t be from her birthday celebration, given that her sisters and close friends are nowhere to be seen. The pictures were found to be taken at a Halloween costume party that the “Eshq Al Nisaa” (Loving Women) actress was invited to, during which she made sure to take pictures with people present who were wearing scary costumes, even if she does not necessarily personally know them.

However, the pictures were still considered controversial, given the wardrobe of people who appeared with her in the pictures as well as her own choice of clothes, including a leather bra that revealed her torso and back.


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