Carry on Jatta 2 Movie Box Office Collection Report


Latest Punjabi movie ‘Carry on Jatta 2’ is doing great at box office. On the very first day, the movie has managed 3.61 crores which comes out to be a great achievement. Audience has given rave reviews and the movie has got amazing critical acclaim. In Punjab “Carry on Jatta 2” has earned 3.05 crore and around 56 lakh in other states of India. As summers holidays are on families are going with their kids to chill out and watch movie. The movie earnings have been benefited greatly by a long wait for Carry on Jatta 2 by the audience.

On the very first day only, the movie Carry on Jatta 2 has done a great business. In spite of India, movie Carry On Jatta 2 has done stunning business in countries like UAE, Canada, Pakistan, Audtralia, Hong kong, Kenya, Philippines, Italy, Germany and New Zealand, which is still not revealed. There is hope that on Saturdays and Sundays the earnings are going to multiply.

Well the story of movie Carry On Jatta 2 begin where it was ended in Carry on Jatta Part 1. The story opens up with Jass who is an orphan but with happy go lucky attitude, who is only passionate about going Canada. His landlords advocate Dhillon and best friend Goldy keep taunting him after which he decided to marry a Canadian girl for visa. Jass, then with the help of his friend Honey met Meet an NRI girl and fall in love with her at first sight.

After Meet also accepts her feelings for Jass, the troubles begin to start when Meet confess about particular qualities she wanted in her partner. So to marry their respective lover and for fulfillment of Jass dream to go to Canada, the trio Jass, Goldy and Honey welcomed a lot of troubles in their life, which is to be seen in movie and how the whole scenario will make you laugh your heart out?

Carry on Jatta 2 Movie Box Office Collection Report (First Weekend)
Country Screen Box Office
India 3.61Cr (Friday Only)
New Zealand




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