James Bond: Die Another Day was NOT last time Pierce Brosnan played 007 in full adventure


The James Bond star turns 65-years-old today, but did you know he starred in a fifth 007 outing after 2002’s Die Another Day.

Sure Brosnan had only signed on for four movies and officially stepped down in February 2004 to make way for Craig, but before that he snuck in one more outing as Bond.

Written by Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, the actor starred in 2004’s Everything or Nothing.

And you’ll be forgiven if you’re not heard of it, because it’s a video game – but a proper Bond outing nonetheless.

Brosnan lent his likeness and voice to the original adventure, as did returning actors Judi Dench and John Cleese as M and Q.

Meanwhile Willem Dafoe played Bond villain Nikolai Diavolo, an ex-KGB agent mentored by Max Zorin – the baddie portrayed by Christopher Walken in Roger Moore’s A View To A Kill.

Meanwhile Richard Kiel returned as Jaws and Heidi Klum and Shannon Elizabeth played two of the Bond girls.

Not only that but Everything or Nothing featured a Bond theme of the same name performed by Mya – who plays an NSA double agent alongside Bond during the game’s story.

And lastly, Craig himself has his very own original Bond video game adventure in 2010’s Blood Stone.

The storyline is set between the events of Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, although it’s not a direct sequel or prequel to either of these films.

The game saw Craig and Dench reprised Bond and M, while Joss Stone as an MI6 agent called Nicole Hunter.

And Bruce Feirstein once again penned this 007 outing, although this time the game wasn’t as well received by the critics.


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