'Two BIG Round' Eyes Actress will never allow to take your Eyes Off in these 11 Photos


Janani Iyer who is known for her performance in films like Thegidi and Avan Ivan later faded away with disasters like Pagan. She was recently seen in Jai’s ‘Balloon’ and she appeared in the flashback portions and got accolades for her performance.

Apart from sporting 80’s period looks, she also transformed her body language and complete appearance like an 80s girl. Now, the actress is having some notable projects under her belt and she is shooting for them on a parallel note. She recently removed her caste name from the Social media and said she doesn’t want to get caste identity.

In this case, now we bring you 11 latest clicks of Janani Iyer where she is seen in a Traditional Look with some matching accessories and she’s totally drop dead gorgeous. We are sure you can’t take your eyes off her while scrolling through these photos. Take a look at them below,

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