Avengers 4 set: Captain America & Iron Man with ANT-MAN in the past – How is it possible?


The can apparently be no doubt by now that Avengers 4 will involve a major alternate timeline or some serious time-travelling.

Previous images from the Atlanta set have clearly shown Chris Hemsworth as an old-school Thor with long, flowing hair.

The new images show Chris Evans as a very clean-cut and brightly uniformed Captain America with Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. The setting and their costumes appear to place them in the destroyed New York shown at the end of the first 2012 Avengers movie.

There is absolutely no way that Ant-Man should be there.

Paul Rudd’s shrinking hero only linked up with the team in Captain America: Civil War.

Yet he seems to be walking the same destroyed streets filled with rubble and crushed cars that must signfify we are revisiting the attack by Loki’s army of alien Chitauri invaders.

All the Avengers 4 set images, reports and rumours indicate that the Avengers will attempt to travel back in time to defeat Thanos after suffering catstriophic losses by the end of Infinity War.

Doctor Strange has already demonstrated he has the power to manipulate time as long as he still has the Eye of Agamoto (containing the Time Stone).

Ant-Man can go one better, since he is able to enter the quantum realm where all bets about time and space are off.

It is likley that Ant-Man travels back to the same point as Captain America and Iron Man where some crucial task has to be undertaken or some major historical event needs to be rewritten to defeat the Mad Titan. 

Whatever is revealed, Avengers 4 is turning out to be a true mind-bending proposition. If only we had a handy Infinity Stone of our own to make time pass faster until it arrives in 2019.


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