The Top 100 Anime Now! Articles of 2017


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It’s been a hell of a year for Anime Now!. We have done interviews, covered more premieres than I can count, and wrote endless articles about what makes anime so great.

I am incredibly proud of the work we’ve done, so here, in random order, I give you the top 100 Anime Now! articles of 2017 (as chosen by me) so you too can see the best Anime Now! has to offer.

We Saw the New Sword Art Online Movie

Your Complete Fate Anime Guide

Twelve Upcoming Servants You Should Save Up for in Fate/Grand Order

Why Goku Is Worse Than the Villains in Dragon Ball Super

We Saw the New Fairy Tail Movie

One Change in the Overlord Movie Makes the Story So Much Darker

Boruto Is Basically What Naruto Would’ve Looked Like if the World Had Been at Peace

Japanese TV Program Ranks the Top 100 Anime of All Time

Dragon Ball Super Makes the Old Super Saiyan Forms Necessary Again

All the Eye Powers in the Naruto Universe So Far

What Happened between Rage of Bahamut’s First and Second Season

The Five Must-Watch Anime of Spring 2017

Your Complete Monogatari Anime Timeline

We Saw the Live-Action One Week Friends Movie

We Saw the New Ultraviolent Lupin The IIIrd Film

The Gintama Live-Action Film Is as Fun as It Is Faithful

8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Yu Yu Hakusho/Hunter × Hunter’s Creator

Your Complete U.C. Gundam Anime Guide

Your Complete AU Gundam Guide

We Saw New Film Kuroko’s Basketball: The Last Game

What it’s Like to Watch One Piece after a 13-Year Break

The Top 25 Japanese Voice Actors of All Time, as Voted by Their Peers

The Peach Girl Live-action Movie Is Full of Deceit and True Love

From Groupie to Mother: The Character Growth of Naruto‘s Sakura

Why Misty Is Important to 90s Pokémon Fans

How to Import Using Amazon Japan

Why the Fuuka Anime is So Different from the Manga

Japanese Anime Stores Choose the Top 33 Manga That Should Become Anime

The Big Differences Between the New Pokémon Movie and the TV Show

All the Info on Re:Creators‘ Villain You Probably Missed

Why the Emiya in the Fate/kaleid liner Movie Is My Favorite Version of the Character

I Called the Heroes of My Hero Academia for Advice about My Problems

Why Kemono Friends Is Exploding in Japan

The Game and Anime References in Keijo!!!!!!!! You Might Have Missed

The Best Anime of 2016

A Look at the Adult Anime Market for Women in Japan

Why Rebooting Little Witch Academia Was a Great Idea

Three Fun Easter Eggs in Fate/Apocrypha’s First Episode

The Ending of Chaos;Child Explained

Scientists and Engineers React to Mecha and Robot Anime

The Tragic Moral of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Your Complete Monogatari Series Anime Guide

The Five Attack on Titan Episodes You May Have Missed

Your Complete Sword Art Online Anime Timeline

How Netflix Is Globalizing Anime

Why Tet is the Most Interesting Character in No Game No Life Zero

A Newbie’s Guide to the Cyberpunk World of BLAME!

You’ve Probably Never Seen the True Final Episode to Eureka Seven: AO

What’s New and What’s Not in Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution I

When “God” Forces You to Be a Little Girl in a Bloody War

Seven Mortal Sins Takes Paradise Lost and Adds Buxom, Naked Devils

Two Girls Cheat on Their Boyfriends with Each Other in NTR: Netsuzou Trap

A Closer Look at the Pivotal Lesbian Romance Scene Scum’s Wish

The Latest Episode of Little Witch Academia Goes Full Gurren Lagann

Why Japanese Convenience Stores are Kickass

Re:Creators Shows What Would Happen if Magical Girls Existed in the Real World

What if You Could Confront God About The Most Horrible Tragedy in Your Life?

The Live-Action Ajin Is Basically All the Best Parts of the Series in One Film

Here Are Some of the Major Changes in the First Code Geass Movie

A Centaur’s Life Is Far More Than Just Cute Monster Girls Doing Cute Things

The New Chapter of Digimon Adventure tri Is All About the Crushing Weight of Responsibility

The Real Shirobako: Talking with an Average Anime Production Assistant

The Real Gems behind Land of the Lustrous

Heaven’s Feel Made Me Feel Sorry for Its Most Loathsome Character

We Saw the New Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Film

Understanding Inuyashiki’s Antagonist

A Closer Look at the Two Upcoming Sword Art Online Anime

Director Masaaki Yuasa on the Connection Between The Tatami Galaxy and The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

We Saw the First Three Episodes of Devilman: Crybaby

Anime-Gataris Is Actually a Prequel

The Types of Magic Users in The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Five Must-Watch Anime of Fall 2017

We Saw the New Godzilla Anime Film

The Tragically Broken Psychology of the The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Critical Weaknesses of Goku’s Newest Form

Harley Quinn Gets Her Greatest Wish in DC Superheroes vs Eagle Talon

The Real Life Iconic Vehicles in Kino’s Journey

Modern Anime Is Challenging Our Beliefs About What Makes A Magical Girl Series

What’s New and Different in the First Full Metal Panic! Compilation Film

Fighting Bullies Can Turn You into One without Realizing It

The Complicated Case of “The First Male Pretty Cure”

In Fate/Grand Order VR, I Went on a Date With Saber

Hands-on with the New Ghost in the Shell VR Game

Let’s Overthink the Passage of Time in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power

New Attack on Titan Episode Shows The Female Titan’s Hidden Trauma

MMO Junkie‘s Main Leads Have an Adorable Romance

The Kubikiri Cycle is for Everyone Who Needs More Monogatari in Their Lives

We Saw the First Chapter of Girls und Panzer‘s Finale

The Real World Locations of March Comes in Like a Lion

Why Yuki Yuna Is A Hero Has Replaced Sailor Moon As My Favorite Magical Girl Anime

Solving the Mystery of When the Little Witch Academia Game Takes Place

Are the Results of Phos’ Journey to Become Useful Really Worth the Price?

The Real World Locations of Occultic;Nine

Gundam Thunderbolt Has Just Given Me My Favorite Gundam Character of All Time

Wow Sagrada Reset’s Heroine Is Seriously Damaged

Food Wars! Shows Us How Competition Breeds Creativity

Land of the Lustrous Explores a Classic Paradox

Why Only Alicetelia from Re:CREATORS Can Save Her World

My Hero Academia Shows Superpowers Aren’t Inherently Good or Evil

A Guide to the Real Japanese Beers in A Sister’s All You Need


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