The Livery Designs Of Two Car: Sidecar Racing: Ranked


Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

Two Car: Sidecar Racing has in many ways been faithful enough to the world of motorsports that it has been pretty enjoyable for motorsports fans. It has even attracted the interest of very casual anime viewers who are less fans of Japanese animation than they are of anything that goes vroom-vroom. Many motorsports fans are particularly interested by the various graphic designs and paint schemes of vehicles and racing suits. These designs are known as “livery,” but not all livery is equal. Time to rank each team’s livery. 

The First Episode of Two Car: Sidecar Racing Excites the Motorsports Lover Inside of Me

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

#7 — The Beauty of The Four Seasons 
Driver: Katakura Mao
Passenger: Iseki Hitomi

Four Seasons does not have good livery. I mean, let’s be honest. It’s practically one single color! Livery is all about the combination of colors, and this isn’t it. In fact, while it’s true that black and gray are technically colors… This is definitely not colorful, multi-colored, and aside from the snowflakes and racing number is pretty much devoid of anything that constitutes livery. No point in even looking at it… You could buy something like it from a dealership. 

Two Car: Sidecar Racing Has the Worst Yuri Couple, and That’s the Joke

The worst yuri couple also has the worst paint scheme. Go figure. 

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

#6 — Alsvid
Driver: Murata Izumi
Passenger: Suzuki Nagisa

Honestly Alsvid isn’t much better than Sugekka. There is more of a distinction between these two colors, but there’s no stand out combination. They’re both purple. I know that it’s partially to represent the colors of the schools and their uniforms, but come on, Izumi! This is just… Not good.

Image source: GFC RFK Stadium by Steve Arpin on Wikimedia

Maybe the closest actual livery to Alsvid is Royal Purple, but even Royal Purple livery has yellow highlights. It’s not purple on purple on purple. The only reason Alsvid beats out Four Seasons is because the latter is all gray and black and not even a color. So at least three shades of purple is mildly less boring. 

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

#5 — Lovely Purgatory Sword Attack
Driver: Amano Alice
Passenger: Itou Kurosu

Lovely Purgatory Sword Attack is a pretty good color combination, but the one flaw in it is that the base colors are just too dark. The addition of the blood red means this one doesn’t fall into the same trap as Four Seasons, although their colors otherwise are pretty similar. I’d say this one is fairly close to some of the Motul liveries, but usually I would expect them to have a white base. 

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

#4 — Lightning Tornade 
Driver: Shiobara Chiyuki
Passenger: Kagai Misaki

You really can’t go wrong with red as your base with black, white and gray accents. True, Lightning Tornade is the same color scheme as Lovely Purgatory Sword Attack, but the base color is red instead of dark gray/black. The reason Lightning Tornade beats out Lovely Purgatory Sword Attack is because red is the much better, much more interesting color here. It’s still middle of the pack when compared to some of the others, but it’s pretty good. 

This livery combination is a common one, so finding an exact match for it is probably not possible. Examples include Coca-Cola, Redstone, Fiskens, and the rare red-based version of the Motul livery. 

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

#3 — KT
Driver: Kawamata Kanae
Passenger: Kuribayashi Tamae

Unfortunately, there are no good available shots of KT itself, but we can get a very  good idea of the color scheme from their racing suits (just like we can also do the same for Four Seasons). This is a damn good livery. Although it has four total colors, blue, yellow, white, and black, they show up in just the right proportions. It reminds me a lot of Spoon Sports, and I like Spoon Sports (I even own a few Spoon items for my Honda).

Image source: AP2 Spoon S2000 on Wikimedia

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

#2 — Ashitabamaru 
Driver: Miyata Yuri
Passenger: Meguro Megumi 

Close to the best livery, and just missing it by a smidgen, is the yellow, white, and green on our main protagonists. Considering that their sidecar motorcycle is named after a resilient type of plant and their symbol is a leaf from that plant, we would certainly expect the livery to have some green. What makes this such a great livery is because the base color is white, which allows the green and yellow (golden yellow, really) to pop. 

Image source: Lotus 102B Wikimedia Commons

This color combination is extremely reminiscent of the Tamiya Lotus livery. Many Lotus liveries tend to be very heavy on the green, with the main accent being white, and only very thin lines of white. The Tamiya livery, however, is very much like the Ashitabamaru’s livery, in that the largest color is white. This allows the yellow and green to really pop. Tamiya is a Japanese company (they produce paints and accessories for modeling), too. Is this coincidence? Maybe not. 

Image source: 『「つうかあ」オリジナルTVアニメ公式 on Twitter

#1 — Single Duet 
Driver: Shishido Maria
Passenger: Shishido Yuria

Let’s be honest, if you’re a “Martini All The Things” type (and if you know what that means, then you probably are), there’s only one livery you can choose amongst all the teams competing in the Miyakejima TT: the Shishido Twins’ Single Duet. Now this is a livery done right. That creamy blue! That vibrant orange! That, my friends, is the beauty that is Gulf Oil livery. One of the most legendary classic liveries out there. You have to hand it to the twins. They’ve got excellent taste in livery. 

Image source: Rally Finland 2010 – EK 1 Juha Salo on Wikimedia Commons

Gulf Oil orange and blue looks as good on a competitive sidecar motorcycle as it does on a Porsche or a Ford GT or well… Really, who are we kidding? It looks good on everything. If I saw some 17 year old drive by in a Geo Metro with Gulf Oil livery I’d give that kid two thumbs up and a dorky grin as he comes rumbling by at 25 miles per hour.

BRB, painting the Honda Logo in Gulf Oil colors…

Two Car: Side Car racing can be watched on Crunchyroll.


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