Ken’s Most Anticipated Anime Series of Winter 2018: The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments


Image source: TVアニメ「七つの大罪」 on Twitter

The Winter 2018 season is almost upon us. And since I’m a shonen junkie through and through I can’t wait to see The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments.

The sequel to the 2014 anime series The Seven Deadly Sins, The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments follows our hero Meliodas and his comrades as they battle a new threat. This new threat is a band of demons called The Ten Commandments. Will Meliodas be able to stop the Commandments? Or will he and his friends fail?

The Seven Deadly Sins always had an interesting premise, Arthurian Legend mixed with fantasy and a bit of Christianity. It’s a really good mix because all three genres are easily identifiable. Knights, magic, fairies, demons, angels, and a myriad of other things pop up in the story. Yet, what makes the series entertaining is how those elements are blended together to make and engaging over the top action series. And we got that with the first season with a “Get the band back together” story followed by a “Save the Kingdom” story. In fact, a lot of the loose ends were tied up enough we really didn’t need a second season.

Image source: TVアニメ「七つの大罪」 on Twitter

But, this isn’t the first time I’ve been proven wrong. We actually want a second season because there are so many things left unexplored with the world and the characters. And the character on the top of the list is the hero himself, Meliodas. Things have been alluded to with him that makes us wonder about his past and the source of his powers. Yet, we never really got any real answers.

The promotional material of Revival of the Commandments foreshadows we might start receiving those answers. And that’s an exciting prospect.

But, how are going to get those answers? We already had a nice packaged ending for the first season. Well, as it seems that Meliodas and his comrades will be facing a new threat. This threat is a group of nine high-ranking demons called The Ten Commandments. And what we lean is two-fold in the promotional material. First, one of the Commandments, named Zeldris, knows Meliodas. He even comments on how Meliodas is still alive. The second is Meliodas saying how he can’t let the darkness consume him. This alone generates interest in his character arc for the season. The thing is, like all good shonen action series none of the answers will be given to us right away. We have to have a little patience before everything is revealed. And that’s what we want.

Image source: TVアニメ「七つの大罪」 on Twitter

Outside of Meliodas, though, we’re going to be getting a story revolving around the character Ban. This, too, appears to engaging because we’re dealing with a story of redemption. We learn in the first season Ban is guilt stricken for not protecting a woman he loved. So, rather than stay with Meliodas, he goes on his own adventure to redeem himself. It’s a bit different from what you might expect in a shonen series, but in all honesty it’s an arc that allows Ban to grow past his pain and learn to deal with the consequences of his actions. As in he may be invincible, but those around him necessarily aren’t.

What will interesting is how these two stories converge on each other. While I suspect it’ll have something to do with demons, one short promotional isn’t enough to give us any definitive answers. And that’s the fun of entertainment. It keeps us guessing and speculating. And when we’re right we can feel proud of ourselves. When we’re wrong we can be surprised at the outcome.

While we’ve had some time away from these characters and story of The Seven Deadly Sins, the time is right for us to return to them.

There is currently no streaming information for The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments.


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