Dedicate Your Heart to the Attack on Titan Real Escape Game


Image source: アニメ「進撃の巨人」公式アカウント on Twitter

The latest Attack on Titan real escape game makes you a part of a pivotal moment in the story. The question is whether you have what it takes to be a member of the Survey Corps.

[Note: This article contains spoilers for the general plot of Attack on Titan.]

Real escape game producers, SCRAP—producers of previously covered JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Final Fantasy XIV, One Piece, and other real escape games—unveiled their latest Attack on Titan real escape game this week, and Anime Now! was there to check it out.

Titled, Kyojin Hisomu Kyodaiju no Mori kara no Dassyutu (Escape from the Forest of Giant Trees Where Titans Hide), the game lets players take on the role of the Logistics Support division of the Survey Corps during one of the dramatic moments from the second season of Attack on Titan. In the story, the armored titan has just kidnapped Eren Yeager, the key to humanity’s survival. In an attempt to get Eren back, the Survey Corps mount a pursuit that leads them through a giant forest.

The real escape game tells an untold episode that occurs within the forest where the Survey Corps are set upon by titans and suffer heavy losses. Their only hope to catch up to the fleeing armored titan is to neutralize the remaining titans that stand in their way and get through the forest before the armored titan gets too far away. The players of the game, as survivors of the Logistics Support division of the Survey Corps, must formulate a plan for the other remaining survivors to successfully execute this mission.

Much like with previous real escape games, participants work together in teams of six members and have to use what information they have to solve various types of puzzles that will allow them to advance the story and hopefully succeed in their mission within the one hour time limit.

Once again, the real escape game planners at SCRAP have put together a unique sequence of engaging and stimulating puzzles that players must figure out utilizing what clues they have at their disposal. After experiencing numerous real escape games, we seemed to have a fairly good handle on the general layout of things even if the specifics were new. However, even with our seasoned advantage, we still got a really good brain exercise out of it all with the various creative ways in which the puzzles played out.

The new Attack on Titan real escape game is being held in the various Zepp Halls around Japan. Much like the Final Fantasy XIV real escape game, these are fairly spacious event halls which means a decent amount of non-figurative legwork is needed throughout the course of the game.

Image source: アニメ「進撃の巨人」公式アカウント on Twitter

In the end, only one of the 38 participating groups managed to successfully complete their mission and it wasn’t ours. Our group did encounter a technical snag during the game that was no fault of our own and ended up costing a good five minutes of our time. We were fairly close by the time the clock ran out, but I’m unsure as to whether we would still have made it had we not had the time loss.

All in all the new Attack on Titan real escape game was a blast. We got to wrack our brains while exploring the world of Attack on Titan from a rather unique angle as officers whose job is to order others to risk their lives. Even though our team was unsuccessful, it was still interesting to unpack how the puzzles—in particular, the final puzzle—worked. It was also a treat for Attack on Titan fans to be able to play a part in the actual story and play their part as members of the Survey Corps.

The Attack on Titan real escape game, Escape from the Forest of Giant Trees Where Titans Hide, will run from December 22, 2017 in various locations all over Japan. You’ll need at least an elementary schooler’s grasp of the Japanese language to participate, and knowledge of the source material can be beneficial. Check the official website for the game for details on locations and tickets.

Attack on Titan can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll in the US and on AnimeLab in AU/NZ, and with English dialogue on FUNimation.


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