Toshi’s Most Anticipated Winter 2018 Anime: Overlord II


Image source: オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

This has been my most anticipated upcoming anime for years now.

2017 is drawing to an end and with it the 2017 fall season of anime. Now, with a plethora of anime to look forward to, it’s time for the staff of Anime Now! to pick their individual upcoming anime series that they’re looking forward to most. For me, this one was a forgone conclusion: Overlord II.

Overlord is the story of a high-level MMORPG player in a futuristic virtual reality game who plays a level 100 skeletal necromancer named Momonga. While Momonga’s guild within the game was notorious among the game as one of the highest ranking guilds, amassing unbelievable amounts of wealth in in-game gold and legendary items and weapons, as the game’s popularity declined and one by one all of his guildmates quit the game. Momonga alone remained, caring for the guild’s domain that they had built together. Finally, when the game’s service ends and the time comes for the servers to be shut down, Momonga finds himself trapped in the body of his character. Not only that, but the high level NPCs that he and his guildmates have created to guard their fortress have all gained sentience.

Unlike other series of the “trapped in a game” genre, Overlord is not about trying to return to the real world. As far as the series is concerned, the fantasy world that Momonga finds himself in is the real world. Not only that, but it’s also a world where at level 35 you might as well walk on water, and being level 100 is akin to godhood. The series becomes an immensely gratifying power fantasy with Momonga casually squishing pretty much any threat that comes his way.

Image source: オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

The series also has the extra entertaining element of the sentient NPCs (all terrifying creatures in their own right) who view Momonga as a flawless, omniscient, supreme leader—an image that Momonga feels he needs to constantly strive to live up to, despite his mind still being that of an ordinary businessman.

When the first Overlord series aired in the 2015 summer season, it immediately hit me with a bang. After watching the first episode, I immediately went back and rewatched it again. It is one of the few recent anime series that I have watched from start to finish multiple times over. Some episodes I will still watch at times when I’m bored.

When the new recap movies were released, I immediately ran out to see them. Much to my joy, at the end of the second movie, the highly anticipated second season was announced. Since then, I’ve been basically counting the days.

Image source: オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 on Twitter

In the interim since watching the second movie, I’ve gone out and read some of the original light novel series and the more I learn, the more I love the world of Overlord. Rarely have I encountered a series that I have enjoyed to this level. It’s a story that tickles me on some primal level that makes me wish I were a part of that world. In previous Most Anticipated articles, I’ve stated various rules or guidelines that I tend to follow when choosing a pick. Overlord II basically throws all of them out the window. And I don’t care. It’s a series that I genuinely love this series on a “squeeing” child-level and I’m about to get more of it. How could I not choose it? That is why Overlord II is my most anticipated winter 2018 anime series.

Overlord II will begin airing in Japan on January 9, 2018. There is currently no word on an international release.

Image source: オーバーロード/TVアニメ公式 on Twitter


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