Dil Raju Reveals Kamal Shankar Remunerations



It’s a dream for producer Dil Raju to make a film with director Shankar. When the director approached him with an idea of making Bharateeyudu 2 with Kamal Haasan, he readily accepted to produce the movie. What’s more, he officially announced the project on the sets of Tamil Bigg Boss house.

However, there were reports that, Bharateeyudu had been called off. At last, Dil Raju opened up on these speculations. The producer who’s busy promoting latest production MCA- Middle Class Abbayi starring Nani told media that, he won’t be producing Bharateeyudu 2.

The reason Dil Raju cited was Kamal Haasan’s huge demand of remuneration. Though Dil Raju was ready to shell out Rs 45 crores remuneration for Shankar, he wasn’t happy to give 40 cr pay to Kamal. Furthermore, all the remunerations for artists and technicians alone would touch the giant mark of Rs 150 Cr.

Dil Raju said that, his friends and well-wishers advised him to not to take such big risk by investing such big amount on a single film. In fact, in the case of negative result, Dil Raju’s career would be ruined.


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