Alien Covenant is GORIEST yet: Watch how they made actors VOMIT blood


In space nobody can hear you scream, but your neighbours might worry after you watch this video. 

Alien Covenant hits UK cinemas next week and promises to be the most terrifying and bloodiest instalment in the saga.

A slew of scary trailers and teasers have shown everything from shocking shower sex scenes drenched in blood to the requisite alien burst out of a victim’s body.

Watch in blood-soaked detail next as a fascinating and occasionally stomach-turning new video shows the secrets and tricks behind the latest Ridley Scott epic.

In the new Tested video Adam Savage explores the making of red human blood, black alien blood and white robot blood. Plus a variety of gore, slime and mucus.

The special effects experts reveal: “At one stage we did get asked for one of the characters to vomit seven pints of blood.”

The key to it is not holding it all in the mouth at once but rather with a sneaky hose attachment. 

Savage also sticks his finger in a vat of gooey alien blood which is horrifying but fortunately doesn’t melt his skin like the real thing.

Perhaps the knowledge of how it is all done will make watching the upcoming movie a tiny bit less terrifying, but we doubt it…

Alien Covenant is out in UK cinemas on May 12.


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