Mahiraa Jaan Pasha, the First Muslim Woman to Launch "Bhagavad Gita on Wheelchairs"


Mahiraa Jaan Pasha, the first Muslim Woman to launch “Bhagavad Gita on Wheelchairs” across the globe. This is a unique, first of its kind initiative in the world, to showcase the “Bhagavad Gita” through innovative choreography using Wheelchairs and Crutches. 

The 18 chapters of Bhagavad Gita comprising of 700 verses in Sanskrit, is a part of the great epic Mahabharata. In this performance wheelchairs transform into chariot, horses, the crutches transform into bow and arrows, showcasing the ultimate purpose of human life. In this production, one can see the Cultural Equality, Social Inclusion and in the end carry back a message of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ meaning the whole world is one family.

It reaches beyond the conventional imagination and familiar world of television/ film.  Mahiraa Jaan Pasha, is the dynamic force in discovering, nurturing and showcasing outstanding abilities of Persons with disabilities across the Nation for more than two decades. Trained in Indian classical dance, Mahiraa Jaan Pasha is a creator and a visionary in the arts who sees unity within the diversity of all of her “Miracle On wheels Dance Company’s” artistic endeavours.

In India, Mahiraa Jaan Pasha is acclaimed as a pioneer in Inclusive Arts. Join hands to spread the message of The Gita, by organising our shows to celebrate the extraordinary abilities of specially abled artists which has transformed millions of lives across the world, which will be a life changing experience for every individual who witnesses it. To Book the Mahiraa Jaan Pasha’s “Bhagavad Gita on Wheels” Show Please contact +91 8884882440

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