Lee Ki-kwang cast in tvN’s sci-fi thriller Circle


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Lee Ki-kwang cast in tvN’s sci-fi thriller Circle

The latest addition to sci-fi drama Circle is Lee Ki-kwang (Mrs. Cop, Monster). It’ll be his first acting role after the breakup of his idol group B2ST and its re-formation as Highlight. He has been cast as a metropolis government worker in the year 2037 in the experimental 10-episode tvN drama that takes place in two time streams: 2017 and 2037.

For the 2017 story, Yeo Jin-gu (Jackpot) has been confirmed as the lead character who is a college student when the first aliens from outer space arrive on earth. Gong Seung-yeon (Introverted Boss) is up to play a fellow college student so maybe there’ll be a cute noona side plot?

Much happens in twenty years, and by 2037, the world has been divided into a “Smart Earth” where artificial intelligence has created a utopian environment in which no diseases or crimes exist, and an “Ordinary Earth” where people still suffer from rampant plague and lawlessness. Actor Kim Kang-woo will be playing a passionate detective from Ordinary Earth who somehow gets involved in a case that revolves around the same events that happen in Yeo Jin-gu’s timeline. Anyone reminded of the Hunger Games’s Capital and District 12?

I love both Yeo Jin-gu and Kim Kang-woo’s styles of acting, so I can’t wait to see their chemistry. This sci-fi genre can be a tricky beast sometimes especially if they’ll be dealing with CG effects they can’t see or emoting from a perspective we’ve never been in (e.g., aliens invading the Earth). I haven’t seen too much of Lee Ki-kwang, but he was an adorable puppy in both My Princess and Me Too, Flower so maybe he’ll be great in this too.

Upcoming drama Circle has been slated to be broadcast on tvN sometime in May.

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